If looking to sell

Asset BPC may be able to show that your business is worth more than first thought as in the acquisition process we provide detailed reports on alternative valuations to alternative buyers.

The secret is finding that buyer for whom there is the greatest synergy and synergy means more value to the vendor.

We aim to capture synergy premiums.

What we can do in the process!

  • Perform valuation analysis and price assessments
  • Research buyer identifications
  • Develop a strategic approach
  • Prepare the selling document
  • Initiate and manage the negotiations

    Are you considering selling your business?

    We are seeking distribution businesses that have established market positions within the SAFETY productions ( large or small ) segment.

    We have investor clients seeking businesses with a sound history of solid earnings, if not spectacular growth perspective.

    Contact us for an objective assessment of your business. There will be no pressuring to commit or sell.