We assist you to identify target companies, locations and size. Consideration will include reputation, brands, internal and external contracts, capital and management qualities.

We will prepare reports and presentations that include position in the market, history, relationships and alternative structures, synergy benefits, financial implications, valuations and prospects for achievement.

On agreement, we will professionally approach the target companies and assist with due diligence, assessment, analysis and ultimately, with negotiations. A strategy will be prepared for acquisition, meetings, develop letters of intent, confidentiality agreements and appraisement of value and risks. We will assist with negotiation and provide relevant information for lawyers and accountants.

As well Asset BPC will:

  • Help find businesses with the greatest hidden premium - i.e. the synergy value not fully captured in the asking price
  • Determine potential targets
  • Research target market
  • Implement strategic approach
  • Manage the negotiations
  • Assist in preparations of offer documents to assist in due diligence

Are you considering buying a business?

  • Excavation Plant Hire
    Revenue $21.0 Million
  • Chemicals Trader, distributor
    Revenue $14.0 Million
  • Plastics Trader, distributor
    Revenue $5.0 Million
  • Construction Chemicals
    Revenue $10.0 Million
  • Chemicals Blender & Manufacturer
    Revenue $8.0 million
  • Chemicals Blender & Manufacturer
    Revenue $14.0 Million
  • Chemicals Toll Manufacturer
    Asking Price $15.0 Million - inclusive of property
  • Food Ingredients Distributor
    Revenue $8.0 Million
  • Chemicals Blender, Manufacturer & Distributor
    Revenue $17.0 Million

If you are seeking to acquire a specific business type, we will search the market either on a consultancy or success fee basis. Acting for you as the buyer our goal is to minimise the cost of the targeted business.